Kaputa helping develop CAF coaching manual


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) technical director captain John Kaputa who is also a recognized Confederation of Africa (CAF) coaching instructor, is among the 8 instructors developing the CAF C coaching course manual to be used by African countries once completed.

According to Kaputa, who develop the CAF B coaching manual for Malawi, only awaits approval from CAF, the coaching instructors were chosen by the African continent football governing body, after some countries failed to develop CAF C coaching manuals to be used by aspiring coaches to get the CAF C coaching licence.

“All countries in Southern and Eastern part of the continent were advised to have their own CAF C coaching licence manuals but it turned out that other countries failed to document one for themselves. For that reason, CAF thought it wise that these other countries be helped.

“We have been having teleconference meetings with the other instructors which should be used by countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania and it will be a standard CAF C manual for us all in the Eastern and Southern part of Africa”, he said.

Kaputa further said once the manual has been adopted by all Southern African countries, it will give advantage to coaches in the regions as they can get jobs in other countries as well as help football development in the region.

“The manual will give an advantage to the coaches in Southern and East Africa as they will be recognized in countries within the region and can also be employed in any of those countries hence good for the development of the sport”, he said.


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