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Northern region super league side Karonga United football club has suspended five of its players on disciplinary grounds as the team prepares for the return of action in the TNM super league this weekend.

The five players, Mude Jeffrey , Anthony Mfune, Loti Mwakisulu ,Yafeti Magani and Omo Kang’oma are expected not to be part of the team for two weeks a development confirmed by the clubs general secretary Ramsey Simwaka, who says the decision has been reached as they want the five players to interrupt the teams preparations.

“I can confirm that the five players have been suspended for two weeks on disciplinary reasons as they were employed to do the job of playing football which means they have to adhere to what the technical panel is saying a thing they were not doing and we thought they should not be part of the team as we prepare for our weekend game.

“The decision to suspend the players will not affect our preparations as the team signed more players whom we trusted to do the job for us and actually by suspending the players we feel we have done the right decision “, he said.

Simwaka further said preparation for the weekend game are going on well and they are hopeful to win the game.

“Preparations for our weekend match are going on well and the boys are in good shape after a two weeks break of action in the TNM super league and the morale in camp is high and we expect to win the game on Sunday “, Simwaka said.

Karonga United is expected to play Masters Security football club on Sunday at the Karonga stadium.


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