Kasanga fish market


Fishermen in Kalambo district of Tanzania are back in brisk business after the Kasanga fish market that has been lying idle for the past eight years was reopened last week.

The fish market, located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Rukwa region was completed in 2011 but closed soon after it emerged. The building had serious defects that needed to be rectified.

The Kalambo District Executive Director Msongela Palela hailed the reopening of the market and said it was a big relief to fishermen and members of the public who will now have a place to sell their fish at reasonable prices.

The market was officially opened in 2011 by the then vice president Dr Gharib Bilad.

There are 12 fish processing factories along the shores of Lake Tanganyika but fishermen have not been benefiting from the business because they did not have a modern market building to preserve their fish.

About 70 000 people living around the shores of the lake survive on fishing and produce about 170 000 tonnes of fish per year for local consumption and for sale outside the district.


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