Kenya’s capital tops in covid-19

3D render of a medical image with virus cells

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi has reported seven new coronavirus cases, totalling 28 now, and 38 countrywide. The Cabinet Secretary from the Ministry of Health has confirmed this in the country’s capital yesterday Saturday, March 28.

The president of the Republic of Kenya announced a national curfew and total lockdown from 7 pm -11 am. Many Kenyans have seemingly argued with the police that erupted a lot of riots especially in most parts of Mombasa. The government deployed soldiers in all parts of the country to patrol ensuring total lockdown within the stipulated time.

“All seven new cases came from Nairobi, making Nairobi with the lead in the number of coronavirus cases, but we are still struggling to reduce the contraction of the disease,” Mutahi Kagwe noted in a press brief.

However, many Kenyans complained and lamented on the abnormal use of extra force by the police during the 21 days curfew that was announced by the government as the measures to combat the tragedy.

Many Kenyans posted their lamentations about the situation on different social media like Twitter, Facebook among others with footages of soldiers beating up people who were met loitering in the streets past 7 pm.


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