Killing the dog doesn’t heal the bite


Bongo flavor artist Harmonize popularly known as ‘Konde Boy’ from music label WCB under Diamond Platinumz narrates his historical background in his latest song by the name ‘Never give up‘.

The musician expressed that his ambitions were of playing soccer but he fortunately met his role model, Diamond Platinumz who volunteered to give him a helping hand in music industry.

In his hit, he also reveals about how some culprits scorned him for his rough and shaggy dressing.

He also notes that he was born at Chitoholi village in Mtwara and resided at Dar es Salaam, unexpectedly.

Konde boy still apologizes to his father for defying his instructions to avoid his current career as instructed.

In the video, the artist is seen attending BSS and singing ‘Malaika’ only to be sacarstically crushed by the then adjudicators.

He believed that one day he would make his visions a reality is stillo urging the society to never to give up on life.


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