Kumwenda’s case back at FAM


Blue Eagles football club and midfielder Vitumbiko Kumwenda are failing to settle a case of Vitumbiko who wants to buy the remaining part of his contract and force a move out of the club.

Vitumbiko Kumwenda’s Agent, Amakhosi Jere has taken the case back to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) after the player and Blue Eagles failed to negotiate a possible deal to clear the player.

The Police headquarters side wants Kumwenda to buy the remaining six months of his contract which expires in December 2020 at K3,500,000 which Jere has described as too much for the player hence seeking for FAM intervention on the matter.

“FAM told us to engage ourselves in talks with Blue Eagles on how the player can be cleared by the club where we offered K1,200, 000 for the remaining six months of his contract which they have denied saying they want as much as K3.5 million. To us that’s asking too much from a player who was receiving a salary of less than K100,000 and can be hard to source such a huge amount of money”, Jere said.

In an earlier verdict released by FAM on the case, they ordered Kumwenda to return to Eagles after dumping the club for Wanderers and open up talks with the club for a proper exit which among other possible means include buying the remaining months of his contract or leave the club as a free agent when the contract comes to an end in December.


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