Learn 3 facts about Africa

Interesting facts about Africa
Interesting facts about Africa

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Africa is comprised of deserts, tropical, savanna grasslands, jungle and even subarctic climates. The top half of the continent is comprised of a desert, and the Sahara Desert, the world’s hottest desert, is located in Northern Africa, and at 3.5 million square miles is approximately the size of the United States or China.

1. Dallol in Northern Ethiopia has the world’s hottest average temperature. The average temperature in this locality is 93 degrees Fahrenheit (33.89 degrees Celsius).

2. Africa is full of dangerous animals that account for thousands of human deaths per year. Mosquitos which can transmit numerous dangerous diseases such as malaria kill the most people. Other deadly animals include the hippopotamus, the deadliest mammal, and the Puff Adder, the most dangerous snake.

3. The worlds largest land animal is the African elephant.

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