Learn 3 things you didn’t know about Africa.


Africa, known for safaris, wild animals, and extreme poverty, is the second-largest continent of the 7 continents in the world. It is rich in history, language, culture, and geographic diversity. Africa plays host to some of the most incredible deserts, mountains, animals, reptiles, birds, insects on planet earth.

  1. As of 2010, it took 216 days to complete each procedure required to start a business in Guinea-Bissau. In Rwanda, the same took only 3 days.

2. Only 24 per cent of SSA’s rural population has access to standard sanitation. This is in comparison to 42 per cent of the urban population with access to the same.

3. Tanzania, Africa, has the world’s highest Albinism rates. In the country, Albino is hunted by witchdoctors to use their organs for rituals believed to heal diseases.

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