Learn 3 things you didn’t know about Africa

Interesting facts about Africa
Interesting facts about Africa

All of Africa’s nations were colonized by the Europeans except two: Ethiopia and Liberia. The former was an Orthodox Christian country, while the latter was established by African-American settlers from the United States, who previously served as slaves.

  1. Currently, Africa is united under a political organization known as the African Union (AU). The AU was established in 2001. Only one African country, Morocco, is not a member of the AU.
  2. Tanzania, Africa, has the world’s highest Albinism rates. In the country, Albinos are hunted by witchdoctors to use their organs for rituals believed to heal diseases.
  3. Only 24 per cent of SSA’s rural population has access to standard sanitation. This is in comparison to 42 per cent of the urban population with access to the same.

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