Learn 4 facts about Africa

Interesting facts about Africa
Interesting facts about Africa

Africa is known for its many magnificent animal species, and many people come to Africa for the very purpose of catching a glimpse of these amazing animals in their native habitat.

  1. Over 30% of Africa’s pasture land and almost 20% of all forests and woodlands are classified as moderately or heavily-degraded.
  2. Deforestation rates in Africa are twice the average for the rest of the world with more than four million hectares of primary forest disappearing every year. Countries like Kenya, Malawi and Zambia have 1-5% of the primary forests remaining. Forests used to cover over 20% of Africa’s 30 million square kilometres with almost all currently being destroyed and degraded by commercial and subsistence logging, as well as land conversion to plantations, agriculture, mines, roads and settlements.
  3. Some 60% of the tropical forests in the Congo Basin are considered commercially exploitable.
  4. Six of the top ten countries with the largest annual net loss of forested area are in Africa.

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