Learn 4 things you didn’t know about Africa. 


By Michael Tembo

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There are 54 countries and one “non-self governing territory,” Western Sahara, in Africa. All of Africa was colonized by foreign powers during the “scramble for Africa”, except Ethiopia and Liberia. Before colonial rule, Africa comprised of up to 10,000 different states and autonomous groups with distinct languages and customs. Here are some more interesting facts;

1 There’s a beer brewed from bananas in Africa!

2 While people keep expecting to see tigers in Africa, there aren’t any! Wild tigers are found in Asia, and not in Africa.

3 The Serengeti (Tanzania) hosts the world’s largest wildlife migration on Earth with over 750,000 zebras marching ahead of 1.2 million wildebeest as they cross this amazing landscape.

4  Africa has 85% of the total elephant population of the world and 99% of the total lion population.

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