Let govt consider football


Silver Strikers football club board chairman Victor Madhlopa has asked Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and Super League of Malawi (SULOM) to talk to the government authorities that the 2020 season should kick off amidst the corona virus.

The remarks came a few days after some football analyst in the country had also called for kick off of the season after seeking politicians doing rallies which are attended by many people without even following the set preventive measures for the spread of Covid 19.

Madhlopa has said it’s easy to put and follow preventive measure against the virus at stadiums rather than at political rallies hence the need for the government to consider giving freedom for football to kick off before it’s too late.

“Corona virus is around us but we have a few cases compared to our friends in Europe. We need to adjust ourselves and consider doing things while observing preventive measures against the virus such as washing hands, wearing a mask and even reducing the capacity of people who enter the stadium and to maintain social distancing. We need to sit down and consider starting playing games with these preventive measures in place which can be followed at football games than at political rallies attended by hundreds of people”, he said.

General secretary for Nyasa Big Bullets football club supporters Mavuto Chibambo collaborated Madhlopa’s sentiments and called for the return of the sport as it has been done in Europe.

“Our friends in other countries have resumed football games with a number of measures put in place to prevent the spread of the virus which can also be done here but if we just sit down without considering kick off of the sport then this will not do us good as the pandemic has come to stay like malaria or any other disease and let’s adapt to live with it”, Chibambo said.

Football leagues which were postponed in different parts of the world have started returning on the field of play. The Germany league resumed over the weekend (May 16) with the leagues in England, Spain and Italy expected to return soon as teams have resumed training.


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