Let season kick off when it’s safe


Football Players Association (FPA) has asked Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and all relevant stakeholders to let the 2020 football season kick off only when it’s safe for everyone to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

FAM suspended kick off of the new season in March due to the pandemic and the FA has proposed the new season to start in August 2020 despite some quarters of society calling for the immediate start of football games.

Speaking in an interview FPA general secretary Ernest Mangani, has pleaded with FAM and all it’s members to be allowed to return on the field when it has been declared safe to do so to prevent themselves from contaminating the coronavirus.

“I think it is a risk to resume football games when the pandemic has not been treated because if one player gets infected, he can spread it to his friends. So we are putting a message across to FAM and every player to make an informed decision of returning on the field of play once they feel it is safe and should not put their lives at risk,” Mangani said.

FPA remarks comes after some concerned football fans have written a letter to FAM to let the new season kick off on 30 June or they will hold a demonstration.


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