Planning what to watch today on TV. Check out the Times Television Program list for Monday 3 April 2019

05:00- Good Morning Malawi
06:00- Sports Update
07:00- Nkhani Mwachidure
07:00- Redemption Way By Pastor Adeboye
08:00- Morning Eddition Bulletin News
08:00- Weather Forecast
09:00- Nkhani Mu Chichewa
09:30- Your Manifesto
10:00- DW News
11:00- Sports Update
11:30- Tikudziweni
12:00- Lunch Hour
13:00- Mphugwe
13:30- MBC News Bulletin
14:00- Urban

16:00- Carnations
17:00- Kwagwanji
17:30- Ana Ife
18:00- Sports Arena
18:30- Nkhani Mwachidure
19:00- MBC News Bulletin
19:30- Focus On Africa
20:00- MBC Exclusive
21:00- Adjezzeera News
00:00- News


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Corinne Dupont

Married to an African, both of my children born in Africa, travelled extensively through Africa.. my soul is part of Africa. I write to inform, I write to make change, I write to educate.. I write in French, Spanish and English.


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