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2009-  in Zambia western nations and lending agencies meeting in Lusaka agreed a financing package of more than $1 billion to improve infrastructure in southern and central Africa at an investment conference meant to expand transport links and trade. Britain said it would separately provide 100 million pounds ($149.2 million) to transform the region’s infrastructure to increase trade and mitigate the effects of the global financial crisis. New projects will link businesses in 8 African countries: Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.


2003 – In northeastern Congo 22 people were hacked to death.

2005 –   Congo soldiers arrested Thomas Lubanga, a warlord accused of years of atrocities in eastern Congo, where UN officials say rival militias have created the world’s worst ongoing humanitarian crisis.


1687 – The French explorer La Salle is murdered by his own men while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi, along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

1702 – On the death of William III of Orange, Anne Stuart, sister of Mary, success to the throne of England, Scotland and Ireland.


1589 – William Bradford , governor of Plymouth colony for 30 years

1721 – Tibias George Smollett , satirical author and physician ( Roderick)


1985 – Kin Seng chan

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