MHub encouraging Likoma youth to think of entrepreneurship


By  Leonard Masauli

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Likoma,  Meeting Hub (mHub), a Technology and Innovation Hub working outside Lilongwe has tipped Likoma Youths to think of entrepreneurship as a long-term survival strategy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Executive Officer for mHub, Vincent Kumwenda said that with the COVID-19 pandemic, the youth lack platforms to air out challenges they are facing and be able to get coping up solutions.

He said the youth in the district do not have access to finances and are not able to position themselves in their respective areas of expertise to be able to deliver a service and grow their businesses.

Kumwenda said however, that through Likoma Youth Incubation Program, the organisation thought to engage the youth and provide them with skills, knowledge and support for successful establishment of businesses.

“We, therefore, would like to establish a sustainable fund through which soft loans are given to youth that have been empowered by undergoing incubation support and are backed to ably manage use of funds and repay the soft loan.

“The youth in Likoma are so hardworking, but they struggle to look for programs that can support them.

“If there are partners out there ready to support the youth, they should also think of Likoma. Through the incubation program, we believe to make a difference once we get support for implementation,” he said.

Member of Parliament for Likoma, Ashems Songwe said the youth are vital in national response to COVID-19.

He said agreeably, there is the pandemic amidst them but they should still see some opportunities and utilise them into positive outcomes.

Songwe said there are plans towards helping the youth to acquire different skills so that they are able to generate funds and venture into their own businesses.

The legislator, therefore, said the coming of mHub was one of the means to create opportunities for the youth in the district.

One of the youth, Asante Mankhokwe thanked mHub for coming to the island, saying the youth in the island district are locked out from several opportunities such as loans and entrepreneurial skills.

He said several organisations from the mainland do not wish to extend their programs to the island. 

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