Lipuli Football Club will be great again


Lipuli Football Club leading striker Paul Nonga says his club will be a threat in the Vodacom Premier League again as it was in the Premier League campaign last season.

Paul Nonga is currently the leading goal scorer in the Vodacom Premier League for Lipuli Football Club, with 9 goals so far this season.

The former Yanga Sports Club and Mbeya City said his current club can bounce back after the emergency season break as directed by Tanzania Football Federation.

“When we get back (after the break) our coach will not struggle to get things done even if it means starting from scratch. All he will do is access the whole squad development and then he will proceed with his programs for the rest of the season. I’m sure we will finish the league in an impressive form and earn the best position possible for us and for fans as well,” says Paul Nonga

Also, Paul Nonga says they have been given special programs to do while they are at home so they can keep their body in shape and organized.

“We were given the special programs to do on our own, that’s due to the Coronavirus outbreak. And those Programs varies from one player to another because they are customized basing on our playing positions. It varies from goalkeepers, full-backs, Midfielders and strikers, each position has its own programs.”


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