LLDC advised Chiefs in Districts to continue passing Covid-19 prevention messages

Black and white folded newspapers
Black and white folded newspapers

By  Lusayo Singogo

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Lilongwe, Lilongwe District Council (LLDC) has urged chiefs in the district to continue disseminating Corona Virus (Covid-19) messages in their areas in order to register zero cases.

The council made the recommendation during a chiefs’ meeting held at the council chamber.

According to LLDC Director of Health and Social Services, Alinafe Mbewe, chiefs are policy holders in the communities who play a crucial role in spearheading issues of national importance in their areas.

“Chiefs have played a crucial part in fighting Covid-19 and we thought it necessary to update them on the status of the pandemic in the district. For a week now, there has never been a Covid-19 patient admitted to Bwaila District hospital,” she said.

She added: “We have even closed the Covid-19 isolation ward at Biwi Health Centre because the officials are not registering any new cases.”

“So, generally these are signs proving that the pandemic’s cases are dropping. This reduction has come about following several preventive measures which the council enforced including, among others, the mandatory wearing of masks, closure of some public places and conduction of awareness campaigns,” said Mbewe.

She said that regardless of this development, the council thought it is still important to urge chiefs to continue disseminating messages about the pandemic in their areas.

“We have noticed with deep concern that people in the district are relaxing in following recommended Covid-19 preventive measures just because the cases are dropping,” she said.

She therefore said it is the duty of the chiefs to continue reaching out to their people and enlightening the latter on the dangers of doing so.

Speaking on behalf of other chiefs, Senior Chief Kalumbu said they have welcomed the responsibility, pledging to continue disseminating Covid-19 messages for zero cases.

“As leaders, we will continuously encourage our people to always follow all Covid-19 preventive measures as provided by health officials,” he said.

Kalumbu said they are happy that the cases are dropping noting that this should not make the public to relax and it is at this point that they indeed have to intensify awareness messages so that they do not give room to any new case.

As of yesterday, the Ministry of Health reported seven new Covid-19 cases and 236 new recoveries nationwide.

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