Lucky fall for Bullets and Wanderers


President professor Arthur Peter Muthalika has donated to two Blantyre based football clubs Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers a bus each to solve their transport problems.

Muthalika made the announcement on Saturday at Nyambadwe school ground where he launched the commencement of construction works for stadiums he promised the two clubs.

“I have heard all the grievances tabled by the two and I will see how I can help on that but today I am donating buses to each of the two clubs, Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers,” said Muthalika.

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu Manda commended the state president for what he has done in helping the two clubs who contribute a lot of players to the national team and will help in football development.

“These are two big clubs in the country which have stayed for more than 50 years and you have done just the right thing. For our national team to do well, we rely on the perfomance of these two clubs and the support you have given to them will help,” said Nyamilandu.

The two clubs also took advantage of the launch to tell their grievances to the state president. Speaking on behalf of Nyasa Big Bullets, managing director Fleetwood Hayiya asked the president to remove tax charged on money companies spend on sponsoring tournaments or clubs as it drives away sponsors.

On the other hand, Be Forward Wanderers through general secretary Victor Maunde asked the state president professor Arthur Peter Muthalika to bail them out of the k79 million debt as they have no other hope apart from the government.

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