Lucy Eymael admits that they are under pressure.


Yanga Sports Club head coach admitted that his team is playing under huge pressure of good results. Yanga Sports Club did not win three points from any of their last four Premier league matches consecutively.

Their last four draws in the Premier league are against, Mbeya City, Tanzania Prisons, Polisi Tanzania and Coastal Union. They will host Alliance Football Club next.

” We are still under big pressure because of our previous bad results, due to various factors. That makes our players weak and lose their fighting spirit for the team, but in football we fight until the end.

” We are still preparing our squad for coming matches, also I understand, the fans are angry with our current results. And that is not good because the pressure keep generating and comes to us. We have huge fixture ahead, against Simba Sports Club, who leads the league. But I can promise that we are going to win that tie no matter how good Simba Sports Club is”. Says Yanga Sports Club head coach, Lucy Eymael.


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