Lucy Eymael departed Yanga Sports Club


Yanga Sports Club management has sucked their newly appointed manager Luc Eymael following unsportsmanlike words he mentioned on media.

Luc Eymael spoke to the media soon after their final match of the Vodacom Premier League season 2019/20 against Lipuli Football Club and mentioned that Yanga Sports Club fans do not understand a thing about football and so mocked their love to the club.

Following such worse acts which is totally unacceptable to the club management and to Tanzanian football fans, Yanga Sports Club have decided to cut him loose as their manager.

Furthermore Tanzania Football Federation mentioned their deep apologies to the fans of Yanga Sports Club and Tanzania who have been offended by Luc Eymael.

Following such act, the Tanzania Football Federation mentioned that they will report his acts to FIFA.


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