Lucy Eymael is confident in using his two-star players in the semi-finals


Yanga Sports Club head coach, The Belgian Lucy Eymael is confident that he will use his two-star players in their Azam Sports Federation Cup semi-finals against Simba Sports Club.

Azam Sports Federation Cup semi-finals will be held at the National Stadium on July 12th, 2020 and each club is looking to win the match and proceed into the final.

Yanga Sports Club captain, Papy Tshishimbi who has been out of the team due to an injury has returned for training and Benard Morrison also returned to the team after solving his misunderstanding with the club.

“Tshishimbi has begun training with doctors in light physical training, hopefully, he will be fit and ready for our next fixture in Azam Sports Federation Cup.”

“Benard Morrison also returned and he told me he is ready to play against Simba Sports Club and he is doing fine in training with the rest of the team,” says Yanga Sports Club head coach.


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