Lulu’s message to her fans [video]

Elizabeth Michael [Lulu] pictured in a movie
Elizabeth Michael [Lulu] pictured in a movie

Young actress Elizabeth Michael (Lulu) prepares her fans for her next big film after being out of the film industry for relatively 2 years.

Lulu took it to her Instagram to give us a sneak peak on the film she is currently working on, and which is to be released soon after.

The actress was sentenced to 2 years in prison as a result of charges made against her for the death of her then boyfriend, Steven Kanumba.

On 26th April, 2018 Lulu was among the few inmates that was lucky enough to receive pardon from the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli.

Since then the young artist has worked to rejuvenate herself until recently when she finally announced her come back to the media industry.

Lulu has received an award in 2013 from Zanzibar international Film festival for ‘Best Actress’ in the movie ‘Woman of principles’ and later in 2016 from Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for ‘Best movie’ in Eastern Africa.

Watch some of her work in this EM Official Trailer Movie.


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