Lyanga wants to play with Erasto Nyoni


Coastal Union striker and leading goal scorer Ayub Lyanga, who scored 10 goals this season mentioned Erasto Nyoni as ‘his’ player of the year adding that he wishes to play with him one day.

Lyanga has one more year in contract with Coastal Union. He says that one day he would like to play with Erasto Nyoni if not the club level even in the national team.

He continued saying that Nyoni is more than a player in the pitch. he is a leader and that is what he likes.

“I have 1 year left in the contract with Coastal United, and I haven’t received any offer so far. I strongly believe one day I will play with Nyoni and I’ll learn a lot because I’ve been looking up to Nyoni for a while”.

“Nothing is impossible. we are Tanzanian and we have one national team which features a lot of players with qualities. if I will not play with him in the club level, we might even play together in the national team Taifa Stars “ said Lyanga.


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