Madinga cry over transfer share


Be Forward Wanderers football club and Malawi under 20 national football team midfielder Francisco Madinga has expressed dissatisfaction in the way the club handled his transfer deal to FC Dira Gori of Georgia.

Reports indicate that the European club paid K10 million for the services of the midfielder and according to Madinga he was told to receive 10 percent of the transfer money but he is yet to receive the money.

“By the time I left the country for Georgia, Wanderers was supposed to give me K1 million which remained as my signing on fee which they promised to give it to me together with the 10 percent share of the transfer money they were to receive from FC Dira Gori. To my surprise they only gave my mother K1 million and when I asked for my 10% share they told me to ask Football Association of Malawi”, said Madinga.

Commenting on the development, Silence Liwindo, owner of Namiwawa football club which groomed Francisco Madinga before joining Wanderers said it is sad to see the youngest in such dilemma and has highlighted the need for players to have managers.

“If Wanderers promised to give Madinga a share of the transfer money then they were supposed to fulfill the promise and it’s high time these players have managers who should guide them where necessary as sometimes these players just sign things they don’t understand out of excitement”, he said.

Francisco Madinga joined FC Dira Gori in January 2020 and signed a two years contract and followed the footsteps of Yamikani Chester who joined a Cech Republican club in 2018.

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