Magoti trial


The trial of Tito Magoti, Tanzania’s young and aggressive human rights activist is now going to be held on 21 January.

Magoti, the public affairs officer at the Legal and Human Rights Centre in Dar es Salaam was arrested by police in civilian clothes at an open market in December.

Magoti was arraigned before the court alongside Theodory Giya, an IT expert for a  private company.

The two were charged with economic crimes including money laundering.

Their lawyers are denying the charges that are not bailable in Tanzania whose human rights record has dropped significantly under President John Magufuli.

Magoti and Giyan have openly criticised the government using social media and this has not gone down well with President Magufuli and some of his close allies.

Human rights groups in Tanzania have been calling for a review of laws that deny bail to suspects accused of economic crimes and this has caused some discomfort for the government.


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