Magufuli on elections


President  John Magufuli has promised Tanzanians that the October election will be peaceful, free, transparent and fair.

The election will be for the President, Members of Parliament and Councillors/

Magufuli, who rides over the ruling Chama cha Mapinduzi, the oldest and biggest party in Tanzania since independence told diplomats at State House this week that his government is determined to ensure that there is justice, transparency and freedom during the anticipated election.

He said his government would ensure that business and investment are promoted.

He said will continue working with regional and international groups in promoting democracy, peace and security within the region in particular in the DR of Congo.

President Magufuli noted that climate change vagaries had adversely affected SADC countries notably Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar and expressed his condolences to those countries.

He said his government was aware of the adverse effects of climate change and would do its best to stand prepared.

He said the implementation of the 2 100 MW Nyerere Hydro Project on Rufiji River was in line with government efforts to combat climate change.


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