Malawi’s new President in a difficult situation over nepotism


Malawians raised their concern after the new President appointed his relatives into the cabinet.

The concerns were raised after the newly elected President Lazarus Chakwera unveiled a cabinet that was comprised of his family members.

On Wednesday, the President announced a 31-member cabinet that included six figures who are closely related to each other but not with the President.

The Health and Labour Ministers are brother and sister while the incoming information Minister is the sister-in-law of the new deputy agriculture Minister.

As if not enough, Chakwera’s former running mate in 2019 elections, Sidik Mia will serve as the transport Minister while his wife will be the deputy Minister for lands.

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition said there were widespread concerns, according to the coalition’s national coordinator Luke Tembo.

“We have noted that 70 per cent of the Ministers come from the central region and Lilongwe alone has nine Ministers, and we know the President comes from Lilongwe,” he added.

The move was disappointing as the incumbent had vowed that the new Malawi will get rid of nepotism and cronyism.

Moreso, he promised to tackle corruption in the country. Chakwera was sworn the Head of State after winning the re-run elections in June this year.

His victory had brought hope to the Malawians where almost half of the 18 million people live below the poverty line.

Asked about the concerns, the President’s spokesman Sean Kampondeni said that the President will address the matter pertaining the concern soon.


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