Man’s infertility, murder to his wife


A Tabora family mourns for a death of a woman who was rudely killed by her husband yesterday in the afternoon.

Dumala Kalimba (45), a resident at Ntobo district in Tabora was charged for killing his wife by slashing her on the head with a panga for claims that she bewitched him to lose his fertility.

The Regional Commissioner Emmanuel Nley confirmed that the incident took place yesterday in the afternoon at that village.

Emmanuel added that the suspect ambushed his wife while at his home and committed the murder and that he is currently withheld by the police for more investigation.

The RC said that, so far the investigation shows that the man used to accuse his wife of having bewitched him which caused his infertility.

Nley has urged the Tabora residents to avoid superstitious deeds together with taking the law into one’s own hands.

Speaking about the crime, resident Aidan Musa has urged the residents of the region to live by their religious teachings and avoid false beliefs.


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