Masau Bwire warns Simba Sports Club not to overrate themselves


Ruvu Shooting Football Club spokesman Masau Bwire comments after their 1-1 draw against Simba Sports Club on June 13th, 2020 saying Simba Sports Club should not overrate themselves and they have work to do if they want to secure the title early.

Basing on the June 13th, 2020 results between Ruvu Shooting Football Club and Simba Sports Club, Masau Bwire says Simba Sports Club should not overrate their squad and praise them.

He said Simba Sports Club should not be proud that they have a huge squad while players do not have the physical fitness to sustain strong opponents.

“I was surprised to hear that our opponents were confident that they will win their title in their first four matches. I told them to exclude Ruvu Shooting Football Club in that list of four matches because their players are not fit to compete.

“If we’re told to return to the pitch and play again soon after the match ended, I really do not think they were able to return and compete,” says Ruvu Shooting Football Club.

Masau Bwire further says that Simba Sports Club should not overrate themselves and be proud of their wide squad. They need to work hard to retain their championship of Vodacom Premier League and not otherwise.


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