Mbao FC needed 1 point to remain in the premier league


Mbao FC from Mwanza City, have successfully reached their target of remaining in the premier league for the next season of 2019/20 following the draw they get against Kagera Sugar on Tuesday’s evening thriller at CCM kirumba, Mwanza.

Kagera Sugar scored first in the 20th minute by the midfielder Ally Ramadhan followed by Mbao FC who scored an equalizer through Herbert Lukindo, in the 60th Minute.

Mbao is still in the premier league after having 45 points, that can not be reached by Stand United, African Lyon, Kagera Sugar, and Mwadui FC.

Mbao FC’s fans are overjoyed.

Mbao FC Premier league hopes were in Kagera Sugar’s hands as they only needed 1 point to be safe, and that is exactly what the players made sure happened at CCM Kirumba.

Mwanza has two teams representing it in the TPL, the other being Alliance FC.


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