Mbao Football Club is for sale.


Mbao Football Club management decided to put their club on sale as they are facing challenges to manage the team due to financial difficulties. Mbao Football Club located in Mwanza region is still struggling to make an impact this season, as they still fight against relegation.

In Vodacom Premier League standing, Mbao Football Club is at 19th place above Singida United. They both at the bottom of league, with five points difference between them.

Mbao Football Club chairman Mr. Sole Njashi admits that they are facing financial difficulties and they have decided to sell the club.

” To be honest we are face challenges to manage the club, because of financial difficulties. Every season at this times , it’s the same thing, we normally starts the season well, but once the player’s salaries are delaying , the team morale turns down.

” We are looking forward to reach an agreement with few clients, and then we will sell the club”.

He further adds that they let the players go home, because of Corona Virus, as the league is suspended. But they did tell them to come back after the suspension period and fight for the club to remain in the Vodacom Premier League next season.


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