Mbeya City hunts Simba Sports Club underrated center defender.


Following a series of rumours about Yusuph Mlipili to join Yanga Sports Club after being on the sideline for many games in Vodacom Premier League, Yusuph Mlipili is mostly likely being underrated at Simba Sports Club squad due to his lack of playing time. This is because Simba Sports Club new manager is not impressed with his potential as favourite centre defender role.

Mbeya City also joins the race of hunting Yusuph Mlipili signature as well.
One of the Mbeya City leaders says Mbeya City needs to sign a centre defender as the manager requested. In their potential transfer list, Yusuph Mlipili is one of the targeted players.

Yusuph Mlipili contract with Simba Sports Club comes to an end in this season after the Vodacom Premier League season comes to an end as well.

Mbeya City also linked with the transfer rumours of two Mbao Football Club players, Waziri Junior and Herbert Lukindo.


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