Mbeya City might be banned for their carelessness


According to the Ministry of Arts and Sports, Hon Harrison Mwakyembe, Mbeya City might face serious consequences from Tanzania Football Federation and be banned for their carelessness towards their home fans.

On June 24th 2020 Vodacom Premier League fixture at home against the defending champions Simba Sports Club, Mbeya City violated various safety regulations set by Tanzania Football Federation and Ministry of Health.

They ailed to control the safety of the fans by allowing them to stay against social distancing regulations.

They sold out all the tickets and filled Sokoine Stadium which is against regulations, that allows all the clubs to allow only the half amount of fans in their home grounds.

These regulations were set as the precautions and measures against the spread of COVID-19 to the citizens and the whole country.

Minister Mwakyembe says he will have to sit with his colleagues and discuss the next step for Mbeya City basing on their carelessness at Sokoine Stadium.


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