Mbeya City Players are struggling to cope with Amri Said tactics


Mbeya City football club players have had bad times twice in the Vodacom Premier League as they are struggling to understand their head coach tactics and their poor running form.

Mbeya City head coach Amri Said says his tactics of using long balls have been a challenge to his players to understand but they are still practising on it until they master it.

After losing to Alliance Football Club at home by one goal on June 20 at Sokoine Stadium, Mbeya City will face Simba Sports Club at Sokoine Stadium again on June 24, 2020.

“My players have been in trouble since the first minute in a game against Alliance Football Club, as they were struggling to use long balls and the opponents were using a small pass.

“We have learned from our mistakes and we are training for the coming match against Simba Sports Club and we’ll be ready for them and so as the tactics will be well mastered,” says Amri Said.

In the first away fixture against Simba Sports Club at National Stadium, Mbeya City was defeated by four goals, under Former head coach, Juma Mwambusi.


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