Meja Mingange worries about the players form.


Ndanda Football Club head coach Meja Mingange raises his concern about the players’ physique once the premier league returns. He’s worried that his players will be unfit due to the long break of the Vodacom Premier League.

Meja Mingange says his players are going through hard times as they’re facing financial problems thus he worries about their performance when the league resumes.

Ndanda Football Club’s players were in great form before the Vodacom Premier League was put on hold, as they were fighting to stay in the Vodacom Premier League.

“I’m really worried about their performances when the league returns, I don’t think that they are preparing themselves wherever they are. We are facing serious financial problems so I can see that my players will have trouble in their first matches when the Premier League returns.”

Ndanda Football Club has collected 31 points from 29 and they are at 16th place in the league standings.


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