Miraji Athuman believes Simba Sports Club to retain Premier League title

Simba Sports Club logo
Simba Sports Club logo

Simba Sports Club winger Miraji Athuman believes they will retain the title for the third time in a row.

Miraji Athuman who is serving his first season since joins from Lipuli Football Club.

His combination with Simba Sports Club top striker Meddie Kagere produces 17 goals out of 19. Kagere scores 8 and two assists, and Miraji scores 6 and one assist.

Miraji Athuman, when interviewed at Champion Newspaper on Wednesday, said every player wants to win with Simba Sports Club.

“It is a dream of all Simba Sports Club players to retain the title. It is also not simple that is why we are working hard to get positive results.”

“We need our fans to keep supporting us, and we will do what they love and not otherwise.”

As it stands, Simba Sports Club is on top of the league with 25 points after 10 matches. At second place is Kagera Sugar with 24 points after 13 matches.


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