Miraji Athuman ‘Sheva’ set his own record at Simba Sports Club.


Miraji Athuman ‘Sheva’ is among the substituted players in the Vodacom Premier League match between Simba Sports Club and Ruvu Shooting Football Club on June 14th, 2020. Miraj Athuman ‘Sheva’ became Simba Sports Club first ever player to be substituted as a fourth player since Tanzania Football Federation allows so.

Before the amendment in the consideration of FIFA rules and regulations in football, the substitutes players are three only. After Corona pandemic, FIFA has made some adjustments to the regulations and allows clubs to make five changes.

In their Vodacom Premier League match against Ruvu Shooting Football Club on June 14th, 2020 at the National Stadium, Miraj Athuman ‘Sheva’ was substituted to replace Luis Miquissone.

Thus writing his own record of being the fourth player to be substituted in the Vodacom Premier League matches based on new regulations of the number of players to be substituted.


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