Miss Tanzania 2019 calls up all former Miss Tanzania

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Breaking News image

Soon after being crowned Miss Tanzania 2019/20 Miss Sylvia Sabastian calls up all the former Miss Tanzania.

“After I became Miss Tanzania, I looked Up for all the former Miss Tanzania”.

Miss Sylvia Sebastian Bebwa explains her upcoming project after being Miss Tanzania 2019/20. She says the purpose is to know what she is supposed to do representing Tanzania in the Miss World.

“Soon after winning Miss Tanzania, I had to look for all the former Miss Tanzania. So they can help me to know things am supposed to do and help me in the Miss World. Am grateful it works out and among the Miss I meet is Miss Lilian Kamazima ( Miss Tanzania 2014),”

Miss Tanzania 2019, Sylvia Sebastian say during her interview at Clouds 360 (Clouds TV).


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