Morrison refuses to travel to face Mwadui Football Club.


Yanga Sports Club wide player Benard Morrison has refused to join the team and travel to Shinyanga region, in their fixture against Mwadui Football Club this weekend. It is reported that Benard Morrison refuses to travel with the team without any medical excuse it is more likely a personal decision.

Yanga Sports Club travelled on Thursday June 11 with narrow squad and seven players were left behind and Benard Morrison is one of them.

Yanga Sports Club under coach Luc Eymael will face Mwadui Football Club without the following players at their disposal, Ally Mtoni, Andrew Vicent, Rafael Daud who are sick. Ally Ally and Eric Kabamba remains because the assistant manager did not select them to travel with the team.

Yanga Sports Club captain Papy Tshishimbi remained back due to an injury setback, while David Molinga became the late additional player in the squad although he was left behind.


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