Most successful clubs in England

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5. Aston Villa – 20 Trophies

Aston Villa may have fallen by the wayside in the last decade or so, having even dropped out of the Premier League, but they were one of the first teams to be winning league titles and domestic cups.

4. Chelsea – 24 Trophies

In contrast, Chelsea are a team that have only recently started winning titles, but they have more than made up for it by catching up to the top teams.

Chelsea have six league titles to their name and one Champions League title.

3. Arsenal – 30 Trophies

Arsenal are one of the top three clubs in England that have consistently been at the top since they were promoted to the First Division.

Arsenal have 13 league titles and FA Cups, along with the two European cups they have, their total trophy count is 30.

2. Manchester United – 42 Trophies

It was not too long ago that Manchester United were fighting for the league title every season, but since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, they have been floundering about, but that has not stopped them from winning other trophies, more recently being the FA Cup and the Europa League.

1. Liverpool – 42 Trophies

Liverpool were recently second in the list, but their Champions League trophy not only puts an end to their title drought but also puts them on par with hated rivals Manchester United in terms of who is the most successful.

Although they have only 18 league titles, they have been significantly more successful in Europe, helping them reach 42 trophies overall.


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