Mother sews son’s lips for poor school grades


A woman in Naivasha resident in Nakuru county Kenya, has  sewn her 10year old son after his poor performance in school.

The Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya has reported that the woman did that at her home in Naivasha.

Addressing about the incident, their neighbor said that the suspect did that due to the disappointment she got from her son’s results in class five.

“She began caning the son who screamed and therefore she decided to sew his lips by use of needle,” she said.

According to an eye witness, the neighbors intervened the incident but the suspect escaped.

Deputy commissioner of Nakuru county, Julius Nyaga confirmed the incident and said to be a cruelty action.

“The police is in search for the son’s mother after the school administration reported to the concerned person,” said Nyaga.

The commissioner cautioned the parents on such rude actions to their children and instead look for alternative ways to ensure their children’s improvement in studies.



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