MP contester uses donkeys for his campaign, while the president uses a helicopter


Tanzania’s presidential candidate John Magufuli has used a helicopter for his campaigns across regions in the country.

Dr John Magufuli under the ruling party CCM has been moving around in cars but he has shifted the means of transport from road to air.

Today Monday 21, September 2020 the president has landed in Tabora region where he has launched a rally for his campaign.

Another contester for Membership in the Parliament has astonished many people after he decided to use donkeys with carts as means of transport to mover around while campaigning for that position in the Parliament.

Robert Kisinini, vying for the seat under (NCCR) party in Iringa town constituency is using two donkeys that ferry him with his other colleagues where they have loaded the loudspeakers on the cart.

The general election is scheduled to take place on October 28, this year.