MP in Argentina resigns after his incident of romancing in Parliament went viral


A member of Parliament (MP) in Argentina, Juan Emilio Ameria has resigned after he was suspended from attending Parliament sessions after kissing the woman he was having an affair with on public.

The Parliament session was live when the woman came in and he caressed her in front of the honourable members of the Parliament while the session was live. The MP, Juan is married to one wife with three children and he apologized to his family after the incident that went viral.

The Parliament session was conducted online due to the current coronavirus which is terrifying the world.

“I felt bad, I thought I had logged out and I was not on-air, but I discovered later that I was still online. My fellow Members of Parliament have seen it and some footages have been shared to the public,” said Juan.

This was a very shameful incident that was condemned by the public on social media.

“I apologise to my family for that incident.”