Mpemba ward DDP councillor missing on ballot paper


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Ward Councillor for Mpemba Ward, Hector Kamiza is missing on ballot papers which were verified on Monday.

District Commissioner (DC), Bennet Nkasala confirmed of the issue and said Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has advised the Council to proceed with elections.

“This is did not come as a surprise to me because when MEC gazetted names of all candidates taking part in these elections, his (Kamiza) name was missing and when I notified him of the issue he said he has already taken the issue to the party’s regional office.

“The same happened when names were gazetted for the second and third times and he kept telling me the issue was being handled by the party,” he explained.

Nkasala said, “As ballot papers were being verified Monday his name was not there and I had to phone MEC as to why his name was not there and ask for the way forward.”

Surprisingly a letter from MEC to the DC’s office indicates that Kamiza was rejected during presentation of nomination papers as he did not have 10 nominators as required by the commission.

“He has all the qualifications but did manage to find 8 nominators out of ten as required and as such, he cannot be allowed,” the DC said.

In a telephone interview Kamiza confirmed of matter but was quick to accept what he termed “malpractice by MEC”

“This is a surprise to me because I managed to meet all the requirements and I even had 12 nominators more than the eight claimed by MEC.

“I know there might have been some politics involved but I am fine with it. This is about serving the people of Malawi and not fighting so, whoever comes, I am sure he will continue to serve people of Mpemba ward,” he stated.

Kamiza has since encouraged his followers not to boycott elections but go and vote for a person who they think would serve them well.

MEC Spokesperson, Sangwani Mwafulirwa could not be reached for his comment.

Four candidates, representing Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Democratic Front (UDF), United Transformation Movement (UTM) Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and an independent were to compete for the seat of councillor.

The missing of Kamiza’s name means that only three candidates will tussle in the tomorrow’s elections.


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