Mtibwa Sugar playmaker promises the turn around.


Mtibwa Sugar Midfielder Abdulhalim Humud promises the turn around for his club from their currently poor running form. Mtibwa Sugar failed to win in all of their last six Vodacom Premier League matches since January.

Mtibwa Sugar is the current Mapinduzi Cup 2020 champions, yet they fail to perform well in the Vodacom Premier League.

Due to their poor form, their fans were worrying about the fate of Mtibwa Sugar in the Vodacom Premier League. Many of them thought that their team might be delegated from the Premier League.

Mtibwa Sugar playmaker Abdulhalim Humud thinks otherwise and believes they will bounce back and finish in a good position too.

“As Mtibwa Sugar player, who knows what troubles us now, thus we fail to get good results. No one is comfortable about the results, Mtibwa Sugar will never be delegated, it will never happen. We are in the transition period and soon we will bounce back, and we will finish amongst the top 5”.

Here are their results in Vodacom premier league last 6 fixtures.

  1. Mtibwa Sugar 0-1 JKT Tanzania.
  2. Mtibwa Sugar 0-3 Simba Sports Club.
  3. Mtibwa Sugar 0-1 Lipuli Football Club.
  4. Ruvu Shooting 1-0 Mtibwa Sugar.
  5. Yanga Sports Club 1-0 Mtibwa Sugar.
  6. Azam Football Club 0-1 Mtibwa Sugar.

They lost all their three home matches, win one away match and lost other two away matches as well.


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