Mtibwa Sugar send strong message to other clubs in the division


Mtibwa Sugar via it’s Management have a warning to other Clubs in the country upon their star players. Mtibwa Sugar management says other clubs that target to sign players from Mtibwa Sugar should be away because they still have long contracts.

Top clubs in the Vodacom Premier League this season have shown an interest in some of the start players from Mtibwa sugar. Among other players who are under the radar of other clubs are the youngest defenders Dickson Job and Kibwana Shomari.

Speaking to one blogger , Mtibwa Sugar spokesman Thobias Kifaru, said he knows some rumors concerning Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports Club and their youngest star players.

He further said that other clubs are somehow considering Mtibwa Sugar as a football academy, which is bad because they have been developing some quality players lately.

” There are many clubs that consider us as an academy, it is not a bad thing but they should know that our players have long contracts. Before accepting any transfer we will consider if our players will get enough playing time in their next teams, before selling them, because many talents have been destroyed due to lack of playing time and their potential end up in the side lines.”

Thobias Kifaru says they have the leaving proof like Simba Sports Club Midfielder Hassan Dilunga, before returning to Mtibwa Sugar was not getting enough play time at his former club Yanga Sports Club.


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