Mtibwa Sugar striker falls in Yanga Sports Club radars


Mtibwa Sugar striker Salum Kihimbwa has been reported to be part of the Yanga Sports Club wish list of players to be signed in the next summer transfer window.

The Rasta man Salum Kihimbwa is among the top wide strikers in Vodacom Premier League, although his club is struggling with poor running form this season. Yet Kihimbwa did not settle for less as he made sure his presence is known whenever he is featured.

Kihimbwa can be the right move for Yanga Sports Club as they are looking to improve their final third.
In recent days Yanga Sports Club spokesman, Hassan Bumbuli says they have scouts who are closely observing players for their next summer transfer window.

Speaking to Champions newspaper, Mtibwa Sugar spokesman, Thobias Kifaru says a lot of clubs are looking to sign players from Mtibwa Sugar and not just Yanga Sports Club.

Thobias Kifaru mentioned few names like Hassan Dilunga, Shiza Kichuya, Mzamiru Yassin and others, who are from Mtibwa Sugar.


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