Mtibwa Sugar striker is proud of Government’s decision to postpone the league.


Mtibwa Sugar striker Juma Luizio says he is happy about the decision of the government to postpone Vodacom Premier League due to corona virus outbreak. Juma says he supports the Government decision , because there is much more important things than football.
The decision of calling off the league due to the fact that football create mass gathering is the wise decision says Juma Luizio.

” I see it as the best decision because we all need to prevent and protect our health and of others. Because the virus can spread in Mass gathering , and football does bring people together, so to me it was a wise decision to call off the league for while”.

” Everyday the government and media, do announcements on how to take care of ourselves, and how to protect one another from getting sick from the virus. I insist that we keep listening to the news and updates, we can all stop this virus from spreading.”

Vodacom Premier League is on hold for 30 days as it was announced by Tanzania Football Federation and The Premier League Board as well as the Prime Minister


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