Museveni directs Health Ministry to revise Uganda’s COVID-19 cases


The Ministry of Health in Uganda has revised the decrease in the positive COVID-19 cases from 264 to 145 after deducting the number of all foreign truck drivers who had tested positive for the disease.

The number was released on Wednesday includes the 10 new cases with the Ministry of Health saying President Museveni advised the revision.

 “Today, 20 May 2020, 10 new COVID-19 cases are truck drivers while one case is a contact case. Following a Presidential Directive of deducting all foreign truck drivers from Uganda’s total confirmed case count, the confirmed cases now stand at 145,” Uganda’s Health Minister said on Wednesday.

However, Uganda has not yet reported any COVID-19 death and there are plans to ease strict lockdown measures from June 2. On Wednesday also the President announced the resumption of studies two weeks from now, to all candidates of this year.


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